OSINT Exercise #005

Welcome to OSINT Exercise #005!

Task briefing:
The image below is a screenshot from a zoo live cam. It was taken on January 15, 2023 at around 2pm local time.
Please answer the questions below:

a) In which zoo are these polar bears located?
b) What was the temperature at the time of the screenshot?
c) What were the exact coordinates of where the bears were lying down?

Click here to open the photo on a new tab.

Exercise level:
For beginners: a) Hard, b) Medium, c) Hard
For experts: a) Medium, b) Easy, c) Medium

gralhix - osint exercise 005

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Stuck? Watch the video below on how to complete OSINT Exercise #005.
Finished? Well done! Check if you used the same technique as I did.

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