List of OSINT Exercises

Interested in gaining new OSINT skills or just put the ones you have to the test? Give it a go on the list of challenges I created below! All exercises are announced on my Twitter account so feel free to follow me if you don’t want to miss any.
You are more than welcome to share the exercises with your community / students / friends but please do not take credit for them. I spend many hours creating and developing each of them. They are all available for free. The only think I ask is for people to credit me when sharing them online.

Each exercise page on the list below contain a link to a YouTube video in which I provide the solution and a full walkthrough on how to get from the task briefing to the answers. They are focused on the three main skills you need to have to be a good OSINT analyst: how to find data, how to verify data, how to analyse data.
At no point you will ever need to contact anyone or obtain personal information from online users. Please don’t harass or stalk people!

All feedback is welcome. Have fun!

ExerciseQuestionsLevel (beginners) Level (experts)
0022Easy ~ MediumEasy
0043Easy ~ MediumEasy
0053Medium ~ HardEasy ~ Medium
0073Easy ~ HardEasy ~ Medium
0083Easy ~ MediumEasy
0103Easy ~ HardEasy ~ Medium
0123Easy ~ HardEasy ~ Medium

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