OSINT Exercise #006

Welcome to OSINT Exercise #006!

Task briefing:
On January 19, 2023, a journalist with almost 140k followers on Twitter shared an image of a destroyed vehicle amidst a large cloud of smoke and fire. The tweet said: “BREAKING: TTP carried out a suicide attack on a police post in Khyber city of Pakistan that killed three Pakistani police officers.

The photo is not of the event described by the journalist.
a) Verify the statement above.

Click here to open the photo on a new tab.

Exercise level:
For beginners: Easy
For experts: Easy

Note: You do NOT need to find the author of the tweet seen below. Do NOT harass the journalist.

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Stuck? Watch the video below on how to complete OSINT Exercise #006.
Finished? Well done! Check if you used the same technique as I did.

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