OSINT Exercise #010

Welcome to OSINT Exercise #010!

Task briefing:
A Twitter user shared three photos of an event.
Please answer the following questions:

a) Which event is being celebrated in the photos?
b) Which two photos were taken by the same person?
c) The two photos mentioned above were taken in the same city. The photographer was previously in a different city. Find out the name of that city.

Click here to open the photo in a new tab.

Exercise level:
For beginners: a) Easy, b) Easy, c) Hard
For experts: a) Easy, b) Easy, c) Medium

Note: You do NOT need to contact any users to solve this exercise. Do NOT harass people.

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Stuck? Watch the video below on how to complete OSINT Exercise #010.
Finished? Well done! Check if you used the same technique as I did.

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